Public law

Do you have questions regarding an area of public law? Our experts will be pleased to answer these for you.

Commercial administrative law

Are you in dispute with an administrative authority, be it as a private citizen or in an entrepreneurial capacity? We develop individualised strategies  to bring such disputes to a successful conclusion for you.

We are also very experienced with public-sector bodies. Here we can provide you with expert advice and support in conflict situations and assist you in implementing complex projects. Our focus here is invariably on achieving solutions that are legally sound while also being pragmatic and result-oriented.

Public building law and real estate law

We provide you with expert legal advice and representation across all areas of public planning and building law, including planning approval proceedings, construction planning law, and matters pertaining to building regulations. We are very well-versed in dealing with building permits, prohibitions of use, demolition orders and the like, and can advise on all manner of property matters, including expropriation proceedings.

Public procurement law

Do you participate in public requests for tenders and would like to safeguard your application strategies and documents? We will gladly assist you in developing appropriate strategies and provide you with ongoing support throughout the process, including serving as your representatives in review proceedings.

Are you a client from the public sector? If so, we can provide support in planning, developing and implementing tenders.