Laws governing renewable energies and plant construction

Are you looking for legal advice in the area of renewable energies? Our lawyers can help. We advise you on legal questions pertaining to the wind energy sector, in particular questions relating to warranties and claims management. If you are seeking to purchase wind turbines or wind farms, we can provide you with comprehensive, expert legal support.

Having worked as an in-house lawyer for a wind turbine manufacturer for many years, Volker Kieckbusch has gathered a wealth of knowledge with regard to defects in wind turbine components (gearboxes, rotor blades, generators, transformers, etc.), and broad expertise in independent evidence proceedings.

We advise companies from the mechanical and plant engineering sector, including those on the client and supplier sides. You can therefore rest assured that, irrespective of whether your questions relate to contract drafting, warranties, claims management, or another area of the law, you will be in very capable hands with us.