Intellectual property rights

Protecting your intellectual property, inventions and trademarks is of paramount economic importance both for you and your company.

Safeguard your trademarks and designs by ensuring that you have performed the right registrations at the national, European and international level. Defend your intellectual creations against unfair imitations and unauthorised use.

Contact us to find out more. Working closely with you, our specialists for intellectual property rights will protect you against any antitrust violations and product counterfeiting committed by your competitors. If your intellectual property rights are violated, you need to act fast: cease-and-desist letters and interim injunctions are two means of obtaining prompt legal protection. We also protect you against unjustified cease-and-desist letters.

You decide who can use your products and for which commercial purpose, and also how your products are to be promoted. We advise you on entering into the corresponding license and advertising agreements.