Vision and mission

We want to be a fundamental element of entrepreneurial success 

We want our clients to achieve their entrepreneurial goals - be it as an SME or a private person. We want to be esteemed by others for our responsibility, reliability and fairness; as partners, who take a stance for their clients and drive tailored solutions. Should anyone fear us for this, then rightly so.

We solve problems and discover opportunities.

We find the best solutions to today's most important legal challenges, even for those that our clients have not yet acknowledged. Thus, nothing we do is governed by a standardised, off-the-shelf approach. We advise clients who are dealing with specific issues, individual problems and actual challenges.
Our work is guided by ideas that go beyond the conventional scope of commercial-law practice.  Our clients and their entrepreneurial success are at the centre of our actions. We use all available means to this end: digital tools, sophistication, verve, subtlety.