About us

We commenced in 1970 with specialised and experienced business lawyers, and have maintained these high standards of expertise ever since. Our committed staff provides direct and honest advice. Above all, we are your reliable and assertive partner, working with you to achieve your goals.

You are at the centre of our actions. This client-centred approach is embodied by your assigned personal contact, who is responsible for managing your affairs. Diligent analysis and detailed legal scrutiny are the prerequisites for any actions. The solutions we develop for you are customised, creative and efficient. We are pleased if they provide for an amicable outcome. However, if it is not possible or feasible to avoid a dispute, we will get in the ring for you. We will stand your ground and assert your rights without compromise.

Our IT

We have been working with software designed for lawyers since 2016. This innovation has aided us in further enhancing the efficient, structured and sustained work we do for our clients. It is also a step towards the ultimate goal of a paperless office. As a client you can join us by using the online file. The online file provides direct and uncomplicated access to schedules and documents. Large data packages can also be transmitted via this route, using encryption where necessary. Please approach us with any queries.

The special electronic postbox for lawyers (beA), which was introduced in 2016, facilitates secure electronic communication with the courts, prosecutors and other lawyers.

As one for your success

If consultation on issues of commercial law does not fully resolve the challenge you are facing, we can retain additional organisational and personnel support from associated companies.

Auditing and tax consultancy DÜRKOP MÖLLER UND PARTNER Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft und Steuerberatungsgesellschaft

The auditing firm Dürkop Möller und Partner is at your disposal to conduct statutory and voluntary audits of annual and consolidated accounts for major corporations and SMEs, irrespective of the company's legal form. As a tax consultancy Dürkop Möller und Partner provides structural advice and expertise on issues governed by the law of transformation, company succession, inheritance tax and international tax law.

Reorganisation and time management: Reset Consultants AG

Reset Consultants AG was founded by Herbert Dürkop, Gerd Weiland and Günther Mastalka. It provides consulting and coaching for executives and directors in the context of corporate reorganisation and restructuring procedures. Reset Consultants AG also participates in the operative management of the companies undergoing restructuring. For example, Reset AG is currently managing several wind farms in Germany. 

Fiduciary activities: Alster Treuhand GmbH & Co. KG

Alster Treuhand GmbH & Co. KG, represented by Alster Treuhand GmbH, performs all licence-free fiduciary transactions, and advises clients and third parties on the law of property rights; in particular, where company shares, liabilities and any other rights are concerned.

Elke Weiland and Günter Mastalka are the managing directors of Alster Treuhand GmbH.

IT consulting and reorganisation: Consulting 86 GmbH

Consulting 86 has been supporting SMEs since 1998 in dealing with the challenges that complex IT systems pose. Its range of services includes analysing and developing concepts for new IT solutions as well as implementing new IT systems.