Our Values


Our thoughts and actions are based on an objective, undistorted and honest point of view, which is clearly reflected in our conduct and language. We analyse, order and structure the facts, making complex subject matter simple, transparent and comprehensible. Thus, the client is sure to receive concise, strategic and targeted advice, while being treated as a partner on equal footing.



We take a stand for our clients: for your rights, which we staunchly defend, and for the solutions, which we develop with passion. We assert your rights with expertise, integrity and vigour. Our success is firmly rooted in our tradition. It is the basis on which we make decisions today, which in turn guarantee our future success. We strongly believe in fighting for the right cause with our hearts and minds.



Great goals require more than off-the-shelf solutions. Of course, we are well-versed in supplying standard services, but we always combine them with a healthy dose of creativity, sophistication, can-do spirit and empathy. This mixture of reliability and creativity is unique for the work of, and working with, Weiland Rechtsanwälte. It is the effective and efficient path to our clients' success.


Safety and trust

Our clients can relax as soon as they have contacted us. Our legal expertise and comprehensive forensic approach exude authority, reassurance and confidence. On the human level, our authentic, approachable manner and our open communication quickly create the two essential elements for cultivating long-term client relationships: profound trust and confidence.